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Part I : A brief history of the name Ethodius and a philosophy

Ethodius, Pronounced E-thod-i-us, was used for people to use as a name from around 300 A.D. This time frame falls closer to the period of the Church Fathers than the Middle Ages but it could have also been used as a Medieval name.

Inside myself, there is emptiness if not occupied by something good. What is it?

I communicate with a musical language accompanied by sounds of the earth and its living creatures. When I hear these sounds, they are the sounds of the birds and different four-legged animals roaming the land close to my home. The hunger that I have, is to create a song or a series of soundscapes that will be accompanied by the song of a bird or the howl of a wolf. At other times, I strive to create a melody that is joined to the sound of an anvil or a church bell.

Through what I create, others are able to have a sense of what I am about. Our human behaviour is then influenced by this kind of creativity. I have an impetus for this way of communicating because it is how I become alive, even though I can not describe in exact detail how this process works. Both our conscious and unconscious states retain the power to sense these feelings of interaction. However, I sill feel the need to further define what it is that I am talking about. Some people call it Ambient Music or Experimental Music. Others call it Dark Ambient Music. In any event, we usually react in a more meditative state or at least have the ability to react with calmness after listening to this kind of music. Does this result then help us to put a more detailed or specific labeling on this kind of art?

Part II : Mostly objective comments. (Information on the members and audio equipment used.)

Ethodius is from Detroit and has evolved from the efforts of three people interested in esoteric soundtrack music with ethereal and experimental melodramatics. The primary member, however, is yours truly and the author of this Bio. The amount of musical influences have been numerous, coming from a few different musical genres. The music ranges in style from experimental and ethereal tracks, to ambient keyboard passages with other various dialogue samples. Even for an experimental project, Ethodius is rather selective about what kinds of sounds are used. Quite a few of the sounds that have been recorded have been processed by effects such as the Waveboy resonant filter or Waveboy Nonlinear reverb. Other samples have been looped backwards or have been altered in real-time by use of the MIDI device editor known as SoundDiver while recording to a Tascam 238s analog 8 track. Currently music is being recorded from a Kurzweil K2000R, with Logic Express 7.11 hooked up to a MOTU 828.

Keyboard improvisation has usually been the way that the music itself has been created, although the use of music theory has also been a factor in the final outcome of the music.

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