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At The Gate... [then a conversation between Merlin and Guinivere and then...] What Remains from the Past?. Distant Cries. Existence. The Deepest Voice. A Noted Reunion Behind the Convent Walls of Santo Spirito. The Clear Sky. Aftermath. The Drone. Merlin Lives in Our Dreams Now, He Speaks to Us From There. The Sword Will Rise Again Once More. (A short excerpt from the film Excalibur)

THE AESTHETIC MYTH EP (out as a demo)::
May All of This Power Blend Into One. The Magi - Pt. I. The Magi - Pt. II. Arethusa. Outside of Church II.

The Clear Sky II. A Memorandum of Winters Now Past.  A Habitation for Soma. The Far Off Place. Uncharted Territory. Here Lie the Essential Elements.


The following reviews are from the LD-50 website. The author is DaMage who is from Hungary and provided the text in English and Hungarian. If you wish to go directly to the site address where this review is located at you can do so by clicking here.

copyrighted by ethodiusEthodius brings up so many scenes in me I could easily make a movie out of that material. Their music is somewhere between dark-ambient, ambient and slowly meandering soundtrack-like background music, with a small amount of vocal representation and a way more load of samples [which made me positively shiver, the use of samples always lends a strong character to the music]. The first five minutes remind me of Mortiis, then slowly comes a touchable influence of SPK, early Delerium, and I grin madly seeing the inspiration list in the interview on the Ethodius website, they list these bands with Ordo Equitum Solis and Brian Eno as well.. the grandeur of these names together with the high quality of their music tells a thing or two about the perfectness and homogeneity of the Ethodius album. If the soul goes on a journey, we can render Its way with Raison d'Etre or Ethodius.

copyrighted by ethodius
I received with the previous Ethodius album (1997) the newest 4-track demo entitled The Aesthetic Myth. May All of This Power Blend into One's very characteristic and water-like ambientish parts remind me of the Lifeforms-era Future Sound of London, the heartgrasping piano rolls of The Magi and Outside of Church II call for streets of old scrutinized through tired grey windows, and then, Arethusa is something of a Zen Paradox track without rhythm. Definitely more unique, more touching material, I'm very very interested in the new material of Ethodius and also the development curve they move along.

copyrighted by ethodius Szerzôi kiadás.

Filmet lehetne forgatni lassan azokból a képekbôl, amiket az Ethodius idéz fel bennem. A dark-ambient, az ambient és a soundtrack-jellegû lassan csörgedezô aláfestô zenérôl van szó, viszonylag kevés vokális megszólalással, alapos samplehasználattal [amire már megremegett a lelkem, a samplehasználat mindig erôs karaktert kölcsönöz a zenének]. Az elsô öt perc Mortiisra emlékeztet, aztán enyhén keveredik benne SPK, korai Delerium, vigyorogva is vettem észre az Ethodius oldalán található interjúban az inspirációkat, ott van még az Ordo Equitum Solis, Brian Eno.. a nevek nagysága éa zenéjük igényessége sokat elárul az Ethodius anyagának egységességérôl. Összefogott tételek, ha a lélek utazik, vagy Raison d'Etrerel képezzük le az útját, vagy Ethodiusszal.

copyrighted by ethodius
A '97-es Ethodius nagylemez mellé a csapat elküldte a legújabb négyszámos demóját
(The Aesthetic Myth) - a May All of This
Power Blend Into One erôs, vízszerû átvezetô ambientes elemei a Future Sound of London Lifeformsos korszakára emlékeztetnek, a The Magi és az Outside of Church II zongorafutamai szürkés üvegen keresztül megfigyelt régmúlt utcákat idéznek, az Arethusa pedig olyan, mint a Zen Paradox ritmus nélkül. Határozottan egyénibb, lélekbemarkolóbb anyagról van szó, roppantul, nagyon kíváncsi vagyok a csapat új anyagára és arra a zenei fejlôdési ívre, amely mentén mozognak majd.

- DaMage

A review of the Aesthetic Myth from an issue of  Jam Rag, January 2006.


It comes from Detroit (USA) a project formed by Matt "Antharia" and some friends also interested by experimental music and esoterism. The project tends to show quite obscure and with private ideas. To begin for the name Ethodius that, in agreement with Buchanan, dates of 164 AD. and it was Scottish two king' names: Ethodius I and II.

Already the sound presented in the promo " The Aesthetic Myth " with 5 tracks: "May all of this power blend into one", "The Magi - part I", "The Magi - part II", "Arethusa (The great river)" and "Oustside of church II", is very interesting. An instrumental one relaxing, based on the classic, medieval music and in sound trails of films. The acoustic piano is the main instrument, sometimes is calm in the other times is more agitated, in a style entitled by some as being "Dark Ambience". An organ and synthesizers make the different effects contained in each one of the songs. "May all of this power blend into one" is the only where appears Cindy's sensual voice declaiming something intelligible, and that is one of the best, as well as " Arethusa (The great river)", that mixes Blade Runner with trails of terror films. In the home page is possible to find, besides information on Ethodius, some dark photos of good like.
--Bergson Freire <>

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January 2006 issue of  Jam Rag.  This was scanned in from the magazine and saved as a JPG.  You may need to wait a moment for this to appear if you are on a dial-up modem connection.

Many thanks to Joost Hegle from Nephilius for doing a favorable review of the Ethodius self-titled album. You may need to scroll down the page a bit before it appears on your screen however.

I have been speechless for awhile because I was transported to a mystical place. It happened when I received a CD from a band called Ethodius. The CD was self titled and it wasn't what I expected. Normally I have listened to ethereal bands and thought okay that's nice. With Ethodius I was whisked back to medieval times. "AT THE GATE" took me to the time of old and I was uspended in time. "THE CLEAR SKY" and "AFTERMATH" made it as if I could feel the nature around me and it was mesmerizing. I really recommend this to people who want something fresh.

- Gira777

This following is a more detailed review of the self-titled album. The track listing is along to the side of the review. Because of this it has been decided to place the link here for anyone to read.
John Chedsey - (SSMT)

Ethodius - A highly experimental CD in from Detroit, this music uses church-based patterns to comp against, with interesting results. It moves in strange ways, from integrated spoken overlays to synth/perc bodies that (often) seem like ghosts. I'm not sure if this was the intended effect, but it works, nonetheless. If you're expecting "pure" synthworks, you may be (ever so slightly) disappointed, 'coz when th' vox are alive, it comes off almost as "electronic goth" - somethin' along those lines, anyway. If this is th' new "Motown Sound", sign me UP! No matter what some critics may say, this holds my interest, because it IS "different". Hard to categorize, it won't fit into any "pigeonhole". For those seeking out strange ambiences, this is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Ethodius NEEDS to hook up with (my friends) Broca's Area (if they haven't already), since they're in th' same neck o' thee wood! Contact Ethodius at P.O. Box 765, Mount Clemens, MI 48046-0765, via e-mail to or on their WWW site at

- Rotcod Zzaj - From Issue #35 of IMPROVIJAZZATION NATION - Zzaj Productions

A review by the Russian Gothic Project:

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Enslain Magazine Issue #6 - Ethodius Review

Ethodius - As far from metal as it can be but nevertheless good music; or at least I think so. Soothing ambient keyboard music with cool effects and alot of dialog excerpts taken from films. The story of King Arthur seems to be an big influence conceptwise. I found this really relaxing and soothing music. Quite excellent actually; probably not for the typical maniac headbanger though.

- G.O.S. from Archived Reviews #2

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Eternal Frost Webzine - Review of the 30 minute demo cassette

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