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Soundclips & songs ...


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From the self-titled CD, "Ethodius" ... ( These are the entire tracks. )

At the Gate - Filesize 7.7 Megs. 

The Clear Sky - Filesize 2.7 Megs. 

From "The Aesthetic Myth" EP ...

May all of this Power Blend into One - Filesize 4.8 Megs.  This is the entire track.  The Spoken Verses were done by my cousin Cindy.

Arethusa - Filesize 3.6 Megs.  This is just a small part of the whole track.

New unreleased material from "Uncharted Territory" ... ( These are the entire tracks.  All off these tracks contain spoken verses except for the last two. )

At the Edge of Twilight - Filesize 7 Megs.

Outside the Boundaries - Filesize = 3.9 Megs.

The Far Off Place -  Filesize 3.4 Megs.

A  Memorandum of Winters Now Past -  Filesize 4.6 Megs.

A  Memorandum of Winters Now Past - Extended version -  Filesize 11.9 Megs.

The Stoic - Filesize 5.5 Megs.

Here Lie the Essential Elements - Filesize = 4.1 Megs.