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Ethodius CD Black River Recordings Grimoire The Aesthetic Myth


The Ethodius self-titled CD, pictured on the far upper left, can be ordered for twelve U.S. dollars.  Also, If you live in the Detroit area, browse the list at the bottom of this page for places where Ethodius may be purchased.


The "Black River Recordings Compilation Volume I" or the "Grimoire Of Exalted Deeds Complilation #4" (from Metal Age Productions), may be ordered for six U.S. dollars. If you like, you can view the track titles that are on the Metal Age CD. You can also view the artwork on the inside of the Metal Age CD.

In addition, I typed up a more extensive description of two of the CDs.

A demo of The Ethodius EP "The Aesthetic Myth" can be sent to you via regular postal mail for one U.S. dollar. This amount is refundable with your first CD purchase. See the address further down the screen for the address to send your mailing information to.

Currency, money order or check payable to Matt Sarns is accepted. It is also recomended that the return or exchange policy be read.

Important note: The postage on all CDs that I send out will be covered for you - this even includes requests for the demo. This helps keep things simple and easy for everyone.


Orders may be sent to:



P.O. Box 765

Mount Clemens, MI





Locally the Ethodius self-titled CD or cassette may be found at the following locations right here in the Metro Detroit area: Unless otherwise noted, look in the "Local" Section (the section for local bands or recording artists.) At some of these stores the Grimoire of Exalted Deeds #4 may also be found at these locations - just look for the extra note in red.

The following list starts with stores that distibution can reach more often, to stores that distribution doesn't reach as often.

If you have been unable to find any Ethodius CDs at any of these locations, please send an Email with a short note, and It will be seen that there are more CDs dropped off at the desired location(s).

"Rock-a-billy's" 8411 Hall Road in Utica Phone # (586) 731-0188


"Dearborn Music" 22000 Michigan Avenue in Dearborn. Phone # (313) 561-1000

"Noir Leather" 124 W. 4th Street in Royal Oak. Phone # (248) 541-3979 Grimoire of Exalted Deeds #4 found here - If you don't see it under the counter, you may need to ask Keith or another sales clerk for it.

"Wendels Music Emporium" 511 S. Washinton in Royal Oak. Phone # (248) 336-9246 -- There is no local section in this store. Just look for the CDs under the letter E.


"Trixies" 25925 Gratiot in Roseville - This is a coffee shop on the other side of Record Time but just a little bit more South -- Just South of Frazho Road. Phone # (586) 776-9002 Grimoire of Exalted Deeds #4 also found here.


"Flipside" 41 E. 14 Mile Rd. in Clawson. Phone # (248) 585-4090 Grimoire of Exalted Deeds #4 also found here, but in the "various metal" section


"Wazoo Records" 336 1/2 S. State in Ann Arbor. Phone # (734) 761-8686


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