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Other events and live shows (Other than Ethodius concerts) :

Convent II

Monday, April 23rd 2012 :

Heart like a Lion Booking presents: Mortals - NY Doom at the Painted Lady Lounge, 2930 Jacob in Hamtramck, Michigan. 9 p.m. 18+ The cover charge is only five dollars.

Doom Flyer

Sunday, December 4th 2011 :

On Sunday, December 4th, we will hold our Christmas Run for a deserving family. Last year, sponsors matched our cash income to bring in nearly $700 for a young family that barely had a roof over their heads. The young girl did not even have a coat, we supplied her with a few and the mom did not have blankets or pans. In their reply letter to us last January, they were extremely grateful for our help from this race and the running community that supported it.

Registration begins at 10:00 AM with the two mile race beginning at 11:00 AM. We are also again looking for sponsors to again have a raffle for prizes at the completion of the race. I will send out an email next week detailing what is available. If you just wish to donate items or cash, feel free to write me back and I will give you details.

As this is an important fundraiser, the cost for this race is $15.00.
Thanks and hope to see you one of the next two Sundays,
Bob Blunk
Race Director


Wednesday, August 3rd and 24th,, 2011 :

There are two races scheduled at Metro Beach on the Pointe course for August.

Wednesday, August 3rd: Registration begins at 6 PM, race at 7 PM. 5K run. $5.00 entry.

The Course is out to the Pointe (1 Mile) and back to starting line. Then Loop around the starting area and back past the half mile point of the course and back to the starting area again. Cones are at the half way point and you will finish at the same spot as where you started.

Wednesday, August 24th: Registration begins at 6 PM, race at 7 PM. This is only a two mile course. This has been used by several individuals and high school teams as a warmup to the Crim Race on the following Saturday. The course will run out one mile to the Pointe and return. Entry fee is again only $5.00.

If 20 or more individuals run on the 24th, there will be a raffle for a gas card from Speedy.


Bob Blunk

Race Director

Always Running Promotions


Sunday, November 28th, 2010 :

The next race at Metro Beach will be this approaching 28th of November. As usual, this will be a two mile race out on the asphalt path near the point. Registration opens at 10:00 AM with the race starting at 11:00 AM. The fee is only $6.00. A waiver must be signed or on record from a previous race.


Wednesday, August 4th, 2010 :

Just a reminder, now that the humidity has broken, of the 5K race at Metro Beach this Wednesday. Registration opens at 6:00 PM with the race just after 7:00 PM. Fee is only $5.00. A waiver must be signed or on record from a previous race.


Next races:

Wednesday, August 4th at 7:00 PM. $5 fee for 5K run.


Wednesday, August 25th at 7:00 PM. $5 fee for two mile run. This is usually a warmup for most runners for the Crim race on Saturday.


Hope to see everyone out this month.

Keep on running,



Saturday, February 20th, 2010 :

ARP will be having a four mile race at Metro Beach on this date. Registration begins at 10 a.m. with the run starting at 11 a.m. Fees are $8.00 for ages 18-59 and $7.00 for everyone else.

The first Prediction Run is scheduled for Saturday, March 6th at 11 a.m. Registration starts at 10 a.m. Fees are $10.00 for all ages. Prizes to the top five runners coming closest to their predicted times.


Wednesday, June 10th, 2009 :

ARP has added a new race for Wednesday, June 10th. It is a two mile race and it will start at 7 p.m. For a complete schedule, please visit the ARP website.

Ongoing, as of February 20th, 2009 :

Form as Content: The Book as Object in Art and Design.

Cranbrook Art Museum
39221 N. Woodward Ave.
P.O. Box 801

Venue phone: 877-462-7262

Sundays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays
Ends Sunday, March 22


Saturday, February 21st, 2009 :

ARP has added a new race for Saturday, February 21st. This will be run in cooperation with the Palace of Auburn Hills in regards to their 'Pistons Care' Telethon.

The Pistons will play the New York Knicks on Wednesday, March 11th. Radio stations and television broadcasts will begin at 6 AM that day and run throughout the day. At 7:30 PM, the event begins with the game and representatives from the Pistons community will take over with broadcasts. Fox Sports Detroit will be active in promoting the telethon by ads.

The race on the 21st will begin at 1:00 PM with a two mile run at Metro Beach. The two mile walk will follow at 1:06. Registration begins at 11:30 and the first 100 to register will receive Piston novelty items. The shirts, hats, etc. are top quality items given out to fans at other games. Cost of the race is $18.00. There is no pre-registration, but signup will be fast with the amount of help we will have.

After the run/walk, there will be refreshments and a prize raffle. To be given away are at least 3 sets of Piston tickets and merchandise signed by players on the team. There may be more prizes later and they will be announced as soon as possible or on race day.
DeLaSalle High School will be participating in the run/walk and assisting with registration that morning. This will be one of the bigger runs at Metro Beach for the year. Please come early if you can.

The event will be supporting Feed the Children. For more information on this group, please visit All funds and food will go to needy children and their families only in Michigan. You can go to and learn more about the event and donate more if you wish.

Last year's event supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the telethon and our race raised more than $480,000. That helped over 60 kids from Michigan get their wishes granted last year.

Please try and come out and support this year's efforts.If you can, there will be a box for canned foods that you can leave with ARP.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to email back.

Thanks in advance,

Bob Blunk
Always Running Promotions Race Director


Saturday, January 24th, 2009 :

The next race at Metro Beach will be on January 24th at 11:00 a.m. For a complete schedule, please visit the ARP website.


Sunday, November 16th, 2008 :

At The Metro Beach Nature Center Area :

"Animals prepare for Winter" - Starts at 1 p.m. Cost is $3.00

Pre-registration is required. Call (586) 463-4332

Sign up begins two weeks prior to program.


Tuesday, August 19th, 2008 :

At Metro Beach - A 2 mile race out by the point..

Race starts at 7 p.m. Show up early to register. The registration fee is $5. Other races on other dates may cost more. For a complete schedule, visit the ARP site (Always Running Promotions website).


Saturday, August 9th, 2008 :

At The Painted Lady :

Best Idea Ever



$5 at 9 p.m.

The Painted Lady is in the city of Hamtramck, at 2930 Jacob Street.

Phone: (313) 874-2991

More info



Saturday, March 1st, 2008 :

Cold weather persists, but there will still be races at Metro beach. At 10:30 on this date, there will be a 2 or 4 mile run. ( Runners have the option of ending after 2 miles or going on to race another 2 miles. )

Try to show up at least a half hour early to register.

$8 entry fee for anyone over 18. $7 for anyone under 17 years of age or over 60 years of age. More info and race dates can be found at the ARP site (Always Running Promotions website).


February - March, 2008 :

The Mount Clemens Public Library:

at 150 Cass Ave - (586) 469-6200

A history of Western Art

Renaissance to Today

Monday mornings at 10 a.m.

February 11th, 25th, March 3rd, and March 17th.


December 31st, 2007 :

Due to the fact that I redesigned the site, old and outdated event entries have been deleted. At any rate, be sure to make it over to Metro Beach to these scheduled races:

Registration starts at 10 a.m. -- races start at 11 a.m.

Tuesday, January 1st - 2 Mile run -- Note: This race is pending due to lack of good weather.

Saturday, January 19th - 5K run.

Saturday, February - 2Miles or 4 Mile