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The Commentary for The Aesthetic Myth

The purpose of "The Aesthetic Myth" is solely one that is destined to enlighten, whereas other myths are meant to have other purposes.


Forces of the earth, forces of the sky, forces of the sea, and forces of the sun.. may all of this power blend into one.


One beautiful day, the wood nymph, Arethusa, was bathing in the stream in Arcadia. Little did she know that this was the stream of the River God Alpheus. The River God Alpheus was strongly attracted to Arethusa. Alpheus pursued her, but Arethusa fled under the ocean to an enchanted underground garden of Ortugia. Then Artemis transformed Arethusa into a fountain in an attempt to save her from Alpheus. This scheme did not help because Alpheus's love was so great for Arethusa that Alpheus pursued her beneath the ocean and he was changed into a stream whose waters united with those of the fountain.