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The Commentary for Uncharted Territory ..

Uncharted Territory is a collection of dark ambient and experimental pieces that take the listener from one uncharted location to another.

The recording starts with A Clear Sky II. (The first version of A Clear Sky can be found on the self-titled album.) A Clear Sky II takes the listener to a place where Odin is residing. Soon his two ravens Hugin and Munin can be heard chattering upon his shoulders.

Next the listener is taken into A Habitation for a Druid. Here one can hear the peaceful sounds of nature where a Druid resides, isolated from society. A melody played with a cello accompanies the ambience of this habitation.

The next destination is A Far Off Place. Here we are introduced to a group of travelers who run free through the fields with the wind as their counterpart.

The next track is the one that gives the collection of pieces it's name, Uncharted Territory. This is a place that is the least familiar to us all. This is a place hidden far away from our own civilization.

And next, we are taken to a place where the essential elements lie. (Here Lie the Essential Elements.) Thunder, a bit of wind and rain, and the sounds of dreams resonate within this place.