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Carlaont Catalin of Arcana Noctis Interviews Ethodius on Sept. 27th, 2002 :


Hello !
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1. First of all I want you to introduce the readers in the universe to Ethodius.

The sound of Ethodius is that of Dark Ambience. Stylistically a great deal of the recordings have been the result of neo-classical piano and keyboard playing. Other recordings have been developed from experiments with sounds and samples from films. Often effects like the ones that the software Hyperprism offers have contributed with how some of the recordings have matured.


Why did you choose this name and what is the meaning of it?

I choose the name Ethodius because I needed my work to be identified with ancient Medieval style and culture. According to the researcher Bachanan, Ethodius is the name of two Scottish kings: Ethodius I and II. They are both decedents of Fergus I.


2. Does the history inspire you? Which is your favorite historical era?

The history inspires me quite a bit. The history reminds me that the spirit of an individual and his or her art can be carried on many years after they have lived their life. Today, thanks to technology and medicine, we can live much longer than people lived hundreds of years ago. Perhaps we can take advantage of this and learn as much about ourselves by learning about others.

My favorite historical era (Stylistically) are the dark ages. (1150 AD-1450 AD) I understand that this was a time when people were having a difficult time with living their life but there was some incredible art that emerged during this period. The musical composers that wrote within the gothic style such as Machaut, Hildegard, and Borneil added some important work that is studied and appreciated by both todays scholars and casual music listeners.


3. If you would have the chance to turn back in time where would you do it and why?

Well, I think it would be somewhere between 1890 and 1915 where I could witness the onset of Impressionism. A number of years ago, I was taught about the composer Debussy and how he was fascinated and influenced by the "whole tone scale". In general he was interested in the new sounds that were being discovered during that time.


4. Are you into the occult?

Perhaps some people may assume that I am because I study the Norse Myths but this may be debated as some Christians have studied these myths and have used them in their writings. Basically what I am saying is that I have not really studied the occult "per se". My primary goal is to focus on music although I spend between a half an hour and an hour reading each day. The book that I am reading currently is a book called "King Arthur" by Norma Goodrich. It seems like a good idea to bring this book up in response to your question because she makes a point of how King Arthur is upheld by some people as a "cult figure". She then later explains for good reasons that this idea can be dismissed.


5. When you started to play music why did you choose to play ambient and not another style of music?

I liked the idea of being able to play an instrument that could play musical counterpart fairly easily. That is really why I choose the piano. I look upon the synth as a more modernized replica of the piano. Certainly in terms of musical conterpoint.


6. Are you in other musical projects or bands?

About every few months or whenever possible I help out local musicians here in the Metro Detroit area but Ethodius is my primary responsibility right now.


7. What is your opinion about life and death?

This question will be easy to address if I talk about the topic of human cloning. Regardless of my opinion, let's say for now that it works. Let's just say that it is possible to duplicate a human life. In any event however, a very important question will still remain. Is it possible that the cloned human will operate the same way artistically & emotionally as the original human? Until we can absolutely prove this, then the whole idea of how important a humans soul is will be a very important one. Regardless of what happens at birth or at death, the spirit of the soul of a human being and the state of it will be something we all should uphold as very important.


8. What kind of music do you listen to at home?

Well, right now I am in the middle of listening to "Dark Medieval Times" by Satyricon. There is also "True Kings of Norway" in my CD changer as well. I don't just listen to artists from Norway though. I like a lot of the local artists that record around here such as Cauldron and the electronic music recording artist PBK. In addition there is quite a bit of Classical music and Avant Garde New music in my library as well.


9. What is your opinion about literature (comparing it with music)?

It is nice that you ask this question because recently I have been learning quite a bit more about the significance of Sir Thomas Malory's "Le Morte Darthur". The film Excalibur is based on this literature and uses music to compliment the scenes as any artist would like to do. A good example of this is in the scene where Percival finally receives the Holy Grail. It is difficult to tell how the scene would hold up without the music. The music fits quite well as Percival surfaces to the top of the water before arriving at the Grail Castle. The music and soundtrack compliment the film very well in general.


10. How do you see the future of mankind?

I see the future of mainkind obstracted by shades of grey as I am not able to see the future like Merlin could. However, I think that if we work together and I continue to push myself as a musician while living life as well as possible that may be the best route to take! I do not know that my calling is to judge others as people but it may be to incourage others to be the best musicians that they can be above everything. My daily life revolves mainly around music so that is why I feel so inclined to see things this way. I also think that the future will be a little easier for us to embrace if we believe in the power of the arts in general a little more.


11. Do you know something about Romania?

It is where Vlad Tepes was born. More specifically in the town of Sighisoara in December of 1431. This was a great fortress in this fourteenth century town and is now a restaurant and small museum of Medieval weapons. The coast of the Black Sea lies southeast of Romania and the coastline is an area I would like to visit someday.


12. Are you interested in any kinds of art besides music?

I consider certain forms of fashions and costuming to be an art form. I am interested in Medieval style costuming to be more precise. I have four authentic outfits now myself. Two of the four are very rare as they are homemade and the other two were purchased from Museum Replicas Limited.


13. Do you play live?

Yes. I answered no to this question in an older interview but now things have changed. If it is not a gig I can bring a lot of gear to, there is the option of playing the acoustic piano at the venue with the gear I can bring. The Korg Karma is an ideal unit for me to gig with as I have the optional grand piano PCM card on this unit. There are also venues that are ideal for live performances such as Angel's Café in Ferndale. This is one of the few venues that have an actual acoustic piano. My compositions for piano are most effective when played on an actual acoustic piano. I am then able to play soundscapes on the synth positioned on an angle from the piano.


14. Tell us something in the end!

"You and the land are one. Drink from the chalice. You will be reborn and the land with you."

--Percival, The Grail King (after returning from the quest for The Holy Grail)


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